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The Grand Prix - Golden Frame - 3000 euro

ŁódĽ November 19TH-23TH 2008


General Information
1. The contest is an integral part of the Explorers Festival, held annually in ŁódĽ.
2. The contest is open to individual and legal persons.
3. Both individuals and teams are invited to participate.
4. The same criteria shall apply to amateurs and professionals.

Travel, discovery, exploration, extraordinary and unusual activities, extreme sports and events.

The Earth: land, oceans, air; The Universe.

Contest Categories and Titles for Awarding Prizes.
1. Documentary - realization (film competition)
2. Report - realization
3. Television interview - professionalism and journalistic skills.
4. Presentation (slides, photograph or films can be included; the form and the way of presentation are entirely up to the contestant's imagination) - the most interesting verbal and visual presentation.

Conditions and Rules of Participation
1. A completed entry form, two DVD cassettes containing the contest piece and other materials listed below (Categories 1-3) shall be sent for preliminary evaluation to:

91-859 LÓD¬ POLAND

2. Contestants in each category shall be notified by the organizers of their participation in the finals.
3. The participants shall receive advance information on their classification to the finals.
4. The finalists shall be selected by the pre - screening committee consisting of at least three persons.
5. The decisions of the Committee are binding.
6. For Category 4, the winners of "The Great Hike" preliminary competition, which is organized on an earlier date, will take part in the Artshow finals.
7. "The Great Hike" preliminary competition is held in March each year, and it comprises the following categories:
- Poland, Europe, World, Universe.
The conditions and date of "The Great Hike" competition are available by the phone, Nos. + 48 501 036 332 or

1. The jury of the contest shall be nominated by the organizers.
2. The jury shall consist of 3-5 jurors, distinguished filmmakers, critics and mountaineers.
3. The jurors shall elect the Chairman, who will preside over the work of the jury.
4. The jury shall decide on the winners in each category.
5. The decisions of the jury are binding.

1. The Grand Prix - Golden Frame and two prizes shall be awarded by the jury in each category.
2. The presentation of prizes shall take place during the final ceremony of the Explorers Festival.
3. The organizers of the contest reserve the right to award no prize.
4. The participants may be awarded extra prizes conditional on the organizers' consent.
5. Cash prizes may be funded up to 5000 EUR in each category for the participants.

Additional Information
1. The organizers reserve the right to use submitted works and presentations for advertising and promotional purposes.
2. The organizers may decide to omit certain categories of the contest.
3. All entries give the right to The Lodz Trekking Club, the organizer of Explorers Festival, to show the film at the Festival and The Best Explorers Festival Films event and others Festival's events.
4. PAL DVD versions of the film must be submitted for pre - judging and shall be retained for the Festival archives.
5. Films may be of any length and submitted by both professional and amateur film makers without any entry fee.
6. Each entrant should include with the application form the following items
- 1 Beta copy of the film (can be sent later after pre judging)
- summary of the film content
- CV of director/camera man
- 2 DVD copies of the film in PAL standard
- translation of the film script/narration in English
- two photographs labeled with the title of the film
7. All entries should be sent by registered post. Custom clearances are the responsibility of the entrant. If customs declaration is necessary, please sign "for exhibition" and put a nominal value 50,- PLN
8. Submission of the film does not guarantee its showing at the Festival.
9. The Festival organizers will take every care with the film material submitted, but no responsibility for loss or damage during postage will be accepted.
10. The dispatching of any entry to the Festival implies acceptance of the regulations by the entrant
11.The documents can be posted or e-mailed as attachments files in word of RTF (photos as jpg). If you e-mail the entry form in advance, please also enclose a copy of the form with the film.